Welcome to New Horizons NLP. My aim is simple – to increase the control people have in their lives.

I offer NLP Therapy sessions at the beautiful Mayura Yoga Studio on Tuesday evenings.

I called my practice ‘New Horizons’ because I believe the only justification for using these powerful techniques is to expand an individual’s possibilities. This means providing them with the means to change.

Change is easier than you think. Neuro-linguistic Programming has the tools to help you shake off the things that prevent you being who you want to be. Created in the 1970s, NLP has transformed millions of people’s lives and opened countless doors to brighter futures.

NLP builds new thinking patterns, beliefs and experiences to restructure how you respond to the world. It combines the potential of your conscious and unconscious mind creating fresh attitudes and behaviours.

You already have all the resources and abilities you need to change. NLP will enable you to discover them and use them to shape your life.

I look forward to meeting you

Trevor Folley
New Horizons NLP